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Transport & Trade Logistics: Policy and Legislation:


Meetings and Events

UNCTAD Ad Hoc Expert Meeting on
“Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation:

A Challenge for Global Ports”
29-30 September 2011, Geneva


Information Note | Summary of Discussions | Meeting Website  | News Item




Joint UNECE-UNCTAD Workshop on

Climate Change Impacts on International Transport Networks

8 September 2010, Geneva


Background Note | News Item


The Background Note is also available in French and Russian.



See also the dedicated Meeting Website for the Joint UNECE-UNCTAD Workshop on "Climate Change Impacts on International Transport Networks" on the UNCTAD website and on the UNECE website


UNCTAD Multi-Year Expert Meeting on Transport and Trade Facilitation:

Maritime Transport and the Climate Change Challenge

16-18 February 2009, Geneva


 Meeting Website




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