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International Task Force
on Harmonisation and Equivalence in Organic Agriculture


The 8th Meeting of the ITF will take place from the 6-8th October 2008 in Geneva, Switzerland.


The International Task Force on Harmonisation and Equivalence in Organic Agriculture, convened by FAO, IFOAM and UNCTAD, is an open-ended platform for dialogue between public and private institutions (intergovernmental, governmental and civil society) involved in trade and regulatory activities in the organic agriculture sector. The objective is to facilitate international trade and access of developing countries to international markets.

In order to achieve this objective, the ITF has held a number of meetings and resulting from these has developed a number of discussion papers and publications.

For further background information on the ITF (history, objectives, administration, contacts) please refer to the „About Us“ section of this website.

For further information about the meetings (agendas, discussion papers, presentations, meeting reports), please refer to the „Meetings“ section.

On the Documents section of this website you will find the draft and final versions of the discussion papers as well as further background documents with relevance to the work of the ITF.

Some of the discussion papers were also compiled and published as books. These books can be found on the Publications section of this website.

In the “Log-In” section ITF members can find drafts of discussion papers that are currently under preparation and open for comments, draft agendas for upcoming meetings and a list of current ITF members.