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The International Agreement on olive and olive oil has been extended for a new period of two years, until the end of December 2002. The decision was taken during the 83rd session of the ICO which was held in Madrid, 13-17 November 2000. The Agreement was established in 1986 for a period of 5 years. It was amended in 1993 for a new period of five years, then extended a first time in 1998 for two years, and in 2000 for another two years.

A futures market for olive oil is being created. The Junta de Andalucia has assigned the University of Jaen the task to establish this market. It can be seen as an answer to the changes in the European Union Common Market Organization for olive oil and, particularly to the end of UE market interventions. The futures market is expected to be launched by mid 2001. Link: http://www.mfao.es/

Codex Alimentarius in force at present dates from 1989. A new standard is being elaborated. Nowadays stage 7 is pending of approval and the ratification by the Consultative Committee is expected on February 2001. Next Commision meeting will take place in July 2001 in Geneva. The purpose of this meeting will be to accept the text proposal and proceed to stage 8.

The International Olive Oil Council opened its web site in February 2001. This site gives information about the activities of the Council: http://www.internationaloliveoil.org

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Olive oil
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International Olive Oil Council
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Sources of information

OLIVAE, IOOC official journal published monthly in four languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian. The journal has three parts devoted to articles on the international olive oil agreement, the economy of the sector and science and technology.

Hoja de informacion/Feuille d'information, published every two months by IOOC. It contains statistical data per production campaign as well as prices from the main European olive oil trade places.

Report on the workings of IOOC during the meetings, every two years.

FAO Statistics on line via Internet.



The International Olive Oil Council: http://www.internationaloliveoil.org

Links to other sites: http://www.australianolives.com.au

Spanish Exporters Association (ASOLIVA): http://www.asoliva.es/

Futures market for olive oil (under construction) : http://www.mfao.es/

European Regulation on oils and fats, directory 03.60.59.

The olive tree, a tree of gods: http://www.occitania.fr/agric/medit/oliv/index.htm

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO): http://www.fao.org

Oliva net, information on olive site (in Spanish) : http://www.oliva.net

Olive Oil, information site on olive oil in Italy (in Italian): http://www.agriline.it/oil/oil_ita/default.htm

Codex Alimentarius : http://www.codexalimentarius.net

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