The UNCTAD programme of work on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) carries out policy-oriented analytical work on the implications for developing countries of the adoption of ICT, Internet and e-business technologies.

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Upcoming events:

WSIS Forum 2012, 14-18 May 2012

ICT4D, Atlanta, 12-16 March 2012

43rd session of the Statistical Commission, United Nations Headquarters, New York, 28 February to 2 March 2012

International Conference on Mobile Communication for Development, New Delhi, India, 28-29 February 2012

EAC Training of technical tutors, Multimedia University College of Kenya, Nairobi, 7-9 February 2012
In the framework of UNCTAD's assistance in support of the cyberlegislation process in the East African Community (EAC) supported by the Government of Finland, UNCTAD is organizing a training of technical tutors. It is expected that the tutors enrolled in this training will be supporting the delivery of the distance learning version of the training course on the Legal Aspects of E-commerce planned in May and October 2012 for different categories of stakeholders in each Partner State.

Workshop on cyberlaws, Asuncion, Paraguay, 7-10 February 2012
This event, organized by UNCTAD and the Secretariat of SELA with the support of the Government of Spain, follows the distance learning course on Legal Aspects of E-commerce delivered to 192 participants from 17 SELA Member States in November 2011 during which the participants highlighted the importance of continuing with capacity building activities in the area of cyberlegislation and welcomed UNCTAD's initiative to strengthen issues related to e-commerce in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Recent Publications
Information Economy Report 2011 (launched on 19 October 2011)
Launch of the ICT Policy Review of Egypt, October 2011

Recent Events

ESCWA workshop on Standardizing Information Society Measurement Models in the ESCWA Region, Beirut, Lebanon, 14-15 December 2011

ITU 9th World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Meeting (WTIM), Port Louis, Mauritius, 5-9 December 2011

Seminar on ICTs for Small Enterprise Development, Washington, 28-29 November 2011
This event was jointly organized by UNCTAD and the Aspen Network Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) and the mHealth working group.

Open Consultation Process on Overall Review of the Implementation of the WSIS Outcomes (WSIS+10)

Regional meeting of the East African Community (EAC) Task Force on Cyberlaws, Tanzania, 25-27 October 2011

Media Coverage Meeting report
Framework for Cyberlaws, Phase II Remarks by Dr. Enos S. Bukuku, Deputy Secretary-General Planning and Infrastructure
UNCTAD Information and Communications Technology Policy Review of Egypt presented to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology (4 July 2011).

The Minister declared that the recommendations contained in the review will be valuable inputs to the next ICT strategy of Egypt.
Training course on measuring ICT access and use by households and businesses for Arabic countries - Organized jointly by the ITU, UNCTAD, and in cooperation with the AITRS, Amman, Jordan, 30 May - 9 June

UNCTAD at the WSIS Forum 2011 - Dialogue on mobile money solutions for small enterprises, Geneva, 16-20 May 2011

UNCTAD, FAO and ITC organised a joint session on the opportunities that mobile technology offers. The first part was devoted to e-business and focused on how mobile money can support small enterprises

The interactive dialogue noted that a wide range of mobile money services are increasingly being offered which offer potential solutions to small enterprises. These include mobile transfers and payments as well as more elaborated financial services such as micro-insurance and micro-finance.

Developing countries are leading the exponential growth of mobile money deployments. Currently, there are 51 mobile money deployments in Africa and 37 in LDCs. However, not all countries have been equally successful in the deployment of such services. Participants identified key factors as explanations to variations in the uptake and coverage of mobile money services.

A summary of the ensuing discussion is available here.

More details on the WSIS Forum 2011 are available at

UNGIS Special Event at the LDC IV Conference: ICTs in LDCs - opportunities and challenges, Istanbul, 12 May 2011
UNCTAD, jointly with UNESCO, ITU and UNECA, organized an UNGIS special event during the LDC IV Conference. It took place at the Lutfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Regional meeting of the East African Community (EAC) Task Force on Cyberlaws followed by a briefing of Members of Parliament of Kenya on Cyberlaws , Mombasa, Kenya
The EAC Task Force on Cyberlaw discussed the next phase of cyberlaw implementation in EAC partner States. This regional meeting was followed on 31 March to 1 April by a briefing of Members of Parliament of Kenya on selected legal and regulatory issues relating to e-commerce, m-commerce and the EAC Cyberlaw framework.
Pre-event for the LDC IV Conference: Digital Inclusion for Least Developed Countries, Geneva, 8-9 March 2011
UNCTAD at the ICTD 2010, London, 13-16 December 2010
Delivery of a distance learning course on the Legal Aspects of E-Commerce for the Latin American Economic System (SELA) countries, 1-26 November 2010
High-level workshop on “Measuring ICT indicators to Achieve the WSIS Objectives in Africa”, Hammamet, 10 November 2010
Launch of the Information Economy Report 2010: ICT, Enterprises and Poverty Alleviation, Geneva, 14 October 2010
Cours de formation sur la mesure de l'accès des ménages et des entreprises aux TIC et de l'utilisation de ces technologies, Addis Abeba, 11-22 October 2010
International Seminar on ICT Statistics, Seoul, 19-21 July 2010
First meeting of the East African Community Taskforce on Cyberlaws, Phase II, Kigali, 15-17 June 2010
WSIS Forum 2010, 10-14 May 2010, Geneva, Switzerland