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Course on Dispute Settlement

The Course on Dispute Settlement consists of 41 modules, 36 of which are currently available. The others will be available this year. Copies may be downloaded free of charge on the understanding that they will be used for teaching or study and not for a commercial purpose. Appropriate acknowledgement of the source is appreciated. This is NOT an online course.

Please note that some modules are also available in Portuguese, Spanish, French and Arabic

  1. General Topics
Mr. R. Ricupero
Mr. E. Chrispeels

Preface and Introduction
Mr. P. S. Rao 1.2 International Court of Justice (ICJ)
Ms. B. Shifman
Mr. H. Holtzmann
Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA)
  2. International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes
Mr. C. Schreuer 2.1 Overview Français    
Mr. A. Reinisch 2.2 Selecting the Appropriate Forum
Mr. C. Schreuer 2.3 Consent to Arbitration
Ms. M. Al-Sharmani 2.4 Requirements Ratione Personae
Mr. A. Escobar 2.5 Requirements Ratione Materiae
Mr. G. S. Tawil 2.6 Applicable Law

Mr. E. Schwartz
Mr. R. Mohtashami

2.7 Procedural Issues
Ms. D. Wang 2.8 Post-Award Remedies
Ms. D. Wang 2.9 Binding Force and Enforcement
  3. World Trade Organization
Mr. P. Van den Bossche 3.1 Overview English Portuguese    
Español Arabic  
Mr. P. Van den Bossche 3.2 Panels English   Portuguese    
Ms. P. Gappah 3.3 Appellate Review English   Portuguese    
Mr. E. Kessie 3.4 Implementation and Enforcement English   Portuguese    
Mrs. S. Cartier 3.5 GATT 1994 English    Portuguese    
Mr. E. Vermulst 3.6 Anti-dumping Measures English  Portuguese    
Mr. E. Vermulst 3.7 Subsidies and Countervailing Measures English   Portuguese    
Ms. E. Montaguti 3.8 Safeguard Measures English    Portuguese    
Ms. D. Prévost 3.9 Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures English Portuguese    
Mr. A. Appleton 3.10 Technical Barriers to Trade English Portuguese    
Mr. M. Ahmad 3.11 Textile and Clothing English   Portuguese    
Mr. J. Pérez Gabilondo 3.12 Government Procurement English   Portuguese    
Ms. D. Steger 3.13 GATS English Portuguese     
Español Français
Mr. F. Abbott 3.14 TRIPS English   Portuguese    
Mr. B. O'Connor 3.15 Agriculture English  Portuguese    
  4. World Intellectual Property Organization
Mr. D. W. Plant 4.1 Arbitration and Mediation Center
Mr. D. Bettinger 4.2 Internet Domain Name Dispute Resolution
  5. International Commercial Arbitration
Mr. E. Bergsten 5.1 Overview
Mr. R. Caivano 5.2 The Arbitration Agreement
Mr. A. M. Garro 5.3 Arbitral tribunal
Mr. R. Tan 5.4 Arbitral proceedings
Mr. J-M. Jacquet 5.5 Applicable law
Mr. M. Aboul-Enein 5.6 Making the Award and Termination of Proceedings
Mr. P. Šarčević 5.7 Recognition and Enforcement of the Award
Mr. R. P. Correa 5.8 Court measures
Mr. O. Cachard 5.9 Electronic arbitration
  6. Regional approaches
Ms. L. Ojeda Cardenas
& Ms. C. Azar
Mr. E. Grebler 6.2 MERCOSUR
Mr. S. Sucharitkul 6.3 ASEAN
Associate Editors: Christoph Schreuer (ICSID); Peter Van den Bossche (WTO); Edwin Vermulst (WTO); Erik Wilbers (WIPO) and Eric Bergsten (International Commercial Arbitration)


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