2nd BioTrade Congress


11-13 December 2013. Room XII, Palais des Nations - Geneva, Switzerland

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11 December 2013

Presentations (More/Less) Opening of the II BioTrade Congress - Future perspectives for the post 2015 development
Presentations (More/Less) Emerging issue: Climate Change and BioTrade - opportunities and challenges?
Presentations (More/Less) Session 1: Policy frameworks: Biodiversity Strategic Plan (SP) and Aichi Targets
Presentations (More/Less) Session 2: Benefit Sharing in biodiversity and ecosystem services
12 December 2013
Presentations (More/Less) Session 3: Accessing and developing markets for biodiversity products and services
Presentations (More/Less) Session 4: Value chain enhancement
13 December 2013
Presentations (More/Less) Session 5(a): South-south and cross-industry cooperation - Sharing of experiences and best practices
Presentations (More/Less) Session 5(b): Importance of traceability systems - Sharing of experiences and knowledge